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Prevent issues before they impact productivity : Tips on Pre Start Checklist for your Plant and Machinery

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Using heavy machinery without a pre-start check is akin to diving into the ocean without scouting for potential dangers. No matter the size of your team, implementing plant pre-start checklists is crucial. It not only promotes efficiency but also ensures early detection of potential issues and enhances safety. Below are some essential elements for your pre-start checklists:

1. Safety Comes First: Machinery malfunctions can result in severe accidents. Always inspect for leaks, damages, and any loose components before operations commence.

2. Monitor Track Traction: Essential for stability, ensure tracks aren’t worn out or misaligned to avoid unnecessary risks.

3. Inspect the Bucket: The bucket teeth of your excavator should be in prime condition. This isn't merely for efficiency; it can also save fuel.

4. Secure Hydraulic Hitches: An unsecured hitch can release loads unexpectedly. Make sure they’re snug and properly fastened.

5. Keep Certifications Updated: Machines like EWPs have mandatory certifications. Include their validation in your checklist.

6. Ensure Clear Visibility: A clear view is paramount. Address dirty or cracked windows immediately.

7. Early Detection Saves Resources: Identifying minor issues like oil leaks or worn belts can prevent hefty repair costs and operational downtime.

8. Maintain Control Smoothness: Responsive and smooth controls are essential. Sticky controls can compromise precision.

9. Peace of Mind: With machinery in optimal condition, you can concentrate on the task at hand, rather than potential malfunctions.

10. Go Digital: While paper checklists are preferable to none, digital checklists offer swift information dissemination. Consider transitioning for enhanced efficiency.

Creating these checklists can feel daunting, especially for small businesses. However, resources like these templates from the Equipt team can assist with generic pre-start checks:

For a streamlined approach, you can try to leverage AI tools such as ChatGPT. These platforms can expedite checklist creation, taking a significant load off your shoulders. However, always review the output for accuracy.

Remember, a robust pre-start check system isn't just about box ticking – it's about practical safety, efficiency, and peace of mind.

ChatGPT Example of a suggested checklist for a Construction Roller

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