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The Unsung Heroes: Water Pumps in Construction

August 28, 2023
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When we consider construction sites, we often think of excavation, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and a bustling crew of workers. Amidst all this activity, the humble water pump works quietly in the background, ensuring that the site runs smoothly. Often overlooked, water pumps play a critical role in water management and in maintaining a safe and efficient working environment.

Construction sites are no strangers to water-related challenges, a fact made especially evident during the 2022/2023 Auckland summer. Water pumps come to the rescue by effectively managing and controlling excess water. By preventing water build-up, construction teams can maintain a dry and safe environment, minimizing the risk of accidents and costly delays.

Common Pump Types

Submersible Pumps

Engineered to operate entirely underwater, these pumps excel at removing water from excavation sites, basements, and flood-prone areas. Their ability to handle challenging conditions efficiently makes them a cornerstone in construction projects.

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Flexi Pumps

Designed for dewatering applications where debris in the water is minimal, Flexi pumps are ideal for removing water from surfaces and areas where preventing sediment disturbance is crucial. Their self-priming capabilities for handling relatively clean water make them a reliable choice for a controlled dewatering process.

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Trash Pumps

Designed to handle water with a high concentration of debris, these pumps are perfect for sites with a lot of sediment. Their robust design enables them to manage solids and debris effectively, preventing clogging and ensuring uninterrupted operation under challenging conditions.

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Serious Pumping Jobs: Larger Skid-Mounted Pumps

When tackling major construction projects in Auckland that require managing large volumes of water, standard pumps may fall short. For these heavy-duty scenarios, 4-inch and 6-inch skid-mounted slurry pumps are the go-to solutions. Engineered for versatility, they can manage a wide range of challenging liquids—from abrasive, high-viscosity fluids to raw and screened sewage, sludge, and slurry. These pumps come equipped with advanced features like remote starting and float switches for automatic activation.

Check list for Choosing the Right Water Pump  

  • Durability: Choose a pump based on the water's cleanliness, the presence of debris or sediment, and the volume you need to handle. Make sure the pump is of high quality and has robust support.
  • Pumping Head: In construction terms, "pump head" refers to the ability of a pump to move fluid from one point to another. The "total head" specification helps you determine whether the pump can meet your needs effectively, considering not just its lifting capacity but also its ability to push water through pipes and around bends.
  • Capacity: Select a pump with the appropriate capacity for your needs, whether that's handling a small or large volume of water. For example, a 2-inch flexi drive can pump out 500 liters of water per minute.
  • Power Source: Consider what power sources are available on your construction site. Electric pumps are suitable when electricity is available, either from the grid or a generator. Petrol and diesel-run pumps are best for off-grid sites.
  • Mobility: Will the pump be stationary, or will it need to be moved around the site? Some pumps are light enough to carry or have wheels for easy transport. For example, a 2-inch flexi pump weighs approximately 40 kg and is easy to relocate onsite.

Selecting the right pump for your project enhances efficiency, aligns with site requirements, and mitigates potential issues. Take into account the pump's design, water capacity, power source, and durability when making your choice. Also, ensure that your supplier provides after-purchase support and technicians.

Why Hire Pumps from Equipt?

By hiring pumps from Equipt, you enjoy several advantages:

  • Speedy Availability: Get the equipment on-site quickly and in fully maintained condition. Avoid the frustration of sending staff back to the yard for non-functional pumps. With Equipt, you can be sure of rapid, on-site solutions.
  • No CAPEX Required: Pumps are available on a daily or weekly rate, which can be easily factored into the project budget.
  • Full Support and Flexibility: If a pump isn't working or you need a different size, a quick swap is just a phone call away.

Check out Equipt's pump options today. If the pump you need is not listed, let us know: Equipt Pump Hire Auckland.

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