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Get to know: Thalia Evans

October 17, 2021
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Construction can be tough and sometimes, an extra pair of hands just won't cut it. You need the right tools to get the job done and with our expert account managers, we can make your hiring process easy from start to finish.

Get to know our Account Manager, Thalia Evans, and find out how together we're able to offer the best customer service in the industry + what her top tips for customer service success are...

Hi there! My name's Thalia and I've been with the Equipt team for three years. My role is to build and maintain relationships with our customers, find solutions and ensure that our customers receive the experience that the Equipt team have worked hard to build.    

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My professional background is in sales and business development in the hospitality and logistics/transport sectors. I've always worked in very customer-facing roles – love a chat! And in my personal background – I grew up on a farm in Taupaki, just west of Auckland city. I was extremely lucky to have a quintessential NZ childhood.  

Q1: Tell us one fact about yourself that we wouldn’t guess  

I am currently training for a boxing fight, unsure how I managed to get myself into this situation, but I am enjoying the intensity and discipline of the training. Watch this space for my fight date announcement!  

Q2: Is it better to get the job done quickly, or the job done right?  

While getting a job done quickly is always appreciated, it is not appreciated if the job has not been done right. Balance is key, the job must be completed in a timeframe and also must be completed correctly – this is called efficiency. In construction, efficiency needs to be teamed with safety always.  

Work efficiently ensuring all safety requirements are met, following this motto will naturally get the job done correctly in a timely approach.  

Q3: What is your favourite part about your job?  

Our customers! Love hearing about the projects, their hobbies and generally having a yarn.

Customer service is my biggest focus, this drives personal relationships which is extremely important to my professional and personal life.  

This drive is supported by my key values:  

  • Trust & Honesty, I believe are integral to the foundations of a person and company
  • Accountability, ownership solidifies a relationship
  • Quality, believe in what you are delivering  

Q4: One of Equipt’s key values is around being responsive, what does that mean to you?  

Responsive to me is not just to reply immediately, it's about ensuring accuracy and thoroughness.  

Regarding communication and pricing jobs, I like to provide a timeline where possible i.e. I’ll have this to you by x time – this then allows me to make sure I have done the research required to provide accurate information.

On the responsive side of breakdowns onsite – urgency is a must. Once an issue is alerted the customer needs to be contacted within 15-20mins even if it's to advise that the issue has been received and a solution is being sorted. Keeping the customer up to date on what’s happening is also key – never leave them in the dark.  

I think responsiveness works with open communication: this includes visibility and transparency from both sides of a deal. Our T3 (tracking portal) really backs this up!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know another member of the Equipt team. If you'd like to find out more about our team, you can visit our team page or, if you'd like to speak with someone about hiring machinery, please call 0800 467 009.

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