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In the construction world, heavy work can be a headache.

From coordinating machinery and breakdowns, to having the right tools for the job, too often, projects are weighed down when you don’t have the right equipment on hand at the right time.

Equipt is here to help you get a handle on heavy.

Your trusted supplier, bringing you the very best in civil, construction and earthmoving heavy machinery when you need it.

With fast delivery, hire and sales, and round-the-clock service from our team, if you have heavy work to do, the answer’s simple. 

Get Equipt.

Meet the team

Meet the team

Michael White

Managing Director

Danny White

Director | Operations

Jesse Hawkins

Senior Account Manager

027 543 0999

Thalia Evans

Account Manager

027 555 1599

Alex Stutz

Business Development Manager

021 572 264

Mark Flannery

Branch Manager


James Cunningham

Rental Coordinator

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