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Guide: How to lower the outrigger legs on a Rough Terrain Scissor lift

January 17, 2022
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NB: For this guide, we're looking specifically at a Skyjack RT Scissor Lift.

There's nothing more embarrassing than not knowing how to use a machine on-site. That is until the loud alarm goes off and shares the news with the rest of your crew.

Knowing how to properly use the equipment you have on hire will help you avoid future embarrassment and keep you and your team safe on the job.

Check out this video guide from our Access Specialist, Alex, as he shows you how to quickly lower the outrigger legs on a Skyjack RT Scissor lift to level the machine and keep your daily productivity high.

For step by step instructions on how to safely lower the outrigger legs on a Skyjack RT Scissor Lift, read on below.

  1. Take notice of the control panel. On this machine, the controls slightly differ from other common equipment, as we have separate buttons and toggles for each of the throttle positions. If you're not sure which one you've selected, you can tell by looking at the green light that turns on to indicate which control you've pressed.

  2. Starting from the platform controls, you'll want to begin by pulling out the emergency stop and turning the machine over.

  3. Next, flick the outrigger toggle to check if your machine is level. If the green light is solid it means you're level and if the light is flashing, it means you're not.

  4. From here, you'll want to switch the outrigger toggle over so the light continues to flash. Then, squeeze on the throttle control and push forward. You'll hear the machine rev up - this is good and means it's working.

  5. As the machine starts up, you'll see that the green flashing light changes to a green solid light. This means that you've now stabilised the outrigger legs and are free to move the platform up and down as needed.

Tip - Be sure to take a screenshot of the steps above or save the link to this blog to your mobile device. If you run into any other problems, please don't hesitate to contact your Account Manager or call our mainline on 0800 467 009 and speak to one of our friendly team members for advice and support.

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