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What should be checked daily on an EWP prior to starting?

The aim of the pre-operational inspection is to check the EWP is fit for the work to be completed,

Prior to using the EWP, pre-operational checks should be completed by the operator and records of these should then be kept for future reference.

Ensure to follow the pre-check list in the Log Book which is kept in the pouch. It should not take long and includes the following:

  • Checking of engine and hydraulic oil levels
  • Checking tyre inflation pressure and general condition of tyres
  • Checking of hydraulic hose system for leaks
  • Ensuring pipes and hoses are secure to prevent damage
  • Greasing/oiling pivot points and moving parts where applicable
  • Checking of platform gate locking system
  • Checking of the condition of padding on the platform top rail to prevent injury
  • Checking the wheel nut tension
  • Checking the condition and tension of chains and sprockets (if applicable)
  • Checking of fuel level
  • Checking of the exhaust for damage or holes which may contribute to excessive noise
  • Checking that all controls, linkages and cables are free from damage and operate smoothly and freely
  • Checking the travel brakes are operational
  • Visual check of stress areas such as boom mounts and boom and stabiliser bars for signs of cracking and fatigue

If concerns are noticed with any of the above checks, then the operator can report these and repairs can be done promptly.

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