9.6m Genie AWP-25S Vertical Mast Lift Hire

The Genie® AWP®-25S Super Series aerial work platform can be used in a variety of light-duty construction and maintenance applications. It is extremely lightweight, nimble and can fit in any elevator or maintenance lift. Perfect for when you need to work above 9m and you cant get access for a scissor lift. Its lightweight design makes it easy to load and transport in pickup trucks.

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To download specs and lifting chart for this 9.6m mast lift click here

Operating Weight:
330 kg

Work Height: 9.60 m

Platform Height: 7.6 m

Stowed Height / Length / Width: 1.98m x 1.31m x 0.74m

Outrigger Footprint: 1.55m x 1.35m

Platform Dimensions: 0.69/0.66/1.14 m

Weight Capacity: 159 kg

Number of persons: 1

Tail-swing Radius: 0 mm

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Safety & instructions for use

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AWP-25S safety and instructions for use

Safety and instructions for Mast Lift Hire

General safety and instructions

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