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How do I use the keypad to start the machine?

Equipt keypads prevent unauthorised use and help you keep control of the machines that you have on-site.

All of the machines for hire in our fleet are set up with keypad control at no added charge.

If you do not currently have a key code give us a call on 0800 467 009 to get set up or ask in the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen.

For Scissor Lift and Boom Lift Keypads:

  • Make sure both e-stops are out - the platform and ground
  • Put in the code and press 'enter'
  • Now you are in platform mode and can operate from the platform
  • If you want to be in 'ground' control, just hit the ground button on the key pad
  • Then start the machine
  • To turn off hit the 'stop' button on keypad or emergency stop on the platform.

Important - You must hit off on the keypad to turn off the machine OR engage the ground control E-Stop. If you just leave the E-STOP out the ignition remains on and the machine's battery will drain.

Electric Equipment - Keypad Instruction Video

Diesel Powered Equipment - Keypad Instruction Video

For Civil Machines

  • Put in the code and press 'enter'
  • Press 'start' to start the machine
  • To turn off press the "off button" on the machine.