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The tilt bucket not working on 8T Yanmar. Not tilting or moving in either direction?

Customer called with issue: "Tilt bucket not working on 8T Yanmar. Not working at all. Not tilting or moving in either direction."

There are a couple of options to fix this quickly and without waiting on a mechanic:

Firstly, there is a nut / valve under the side bonnet hood to change one way to two way flow. One way for breaker and two way for drilling or tilt bucket. In this case that is not the issue because the tilt would move in one direction still if in one way flow.

The next check:

The issue may be the flow rate dial on the back of the right hand arm in the cab. Customers turn it to low or no flow when changing attachments to reduce pressure and prevent loss of hydraulic oil.


It might be an issue on the end of the boom just above the hose fittings - there is a nut you can turn to open and close hydraulic flow to the couplers.

The end result in this case:

Turned out it was the knob on the side of the arm rest. It was turned to low flow and when rotated to higher flow the tilt began to work.