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Selecting the right forklift for the job

Selecting the right forklift for a specific job is a critical decision that can significantly impact efficiency, safety, and overall productivity on-site. With a plethora of options available in the market, ranging from electric to diesel-powered forklifts, each designed for specific tasks and environments.

The following questions' will assist to identify the forklift requirements for the site:

What is the weight of the item you’re picking up?

Do you have any height restrictions? (low doors, Containers )  --- standard mast or container mast (Container Mast means the forks go up the first stage of the mast before the mast starts lifting and can drive inside a container.

Do you need a container ramp?

What length forks do you need? standard 1.2m or long 2.4m.

What is the surface you are driving on? Concrete- seal? Compact Gravel? Dirt? If soft ground will need to be 4x4.

Are you working inside or outside?  Diesel for outside,  LPG for inside or outside. Or Battery Inside Only, ( Battery Machines don’t handle slopes, IE: Carpark ramps)  

  • If Battery what charge plug do you have? 16amp, 20Amp, 32Amp 3 PH 4 Pin PDL, Most Common Chargers are 4Pin 32Amp PDL (Can plug into a 5 pin PDL socket)

Are you working on a suspended slab with any weight restrictions ( Point Loading ) ?   EG: a 2.5ton forklift tare weight is roughly 3.7 ton + fuel + load.

Do you have any special site-specific requirement’s? i.e. reversing camera, log books, Blue Lights (side markers). (Special requirements will be at customers cost)