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Avoiding damage when using a rock breaker

Incorrect use of a rock breaker can result in damage to machines, broken picks and damage to the rock breaker. Follow these tips to minimise damage risk.

When renting a machine with a rock breaker, the rental customer is laible for damage to the machine, wear parts, and rock breaker due to mis-use.

To minimise risk of damage:

  • Always fire the rock breaker at 90 degress to the material being broken.
  • Start breaking material close to the edge and then work into the centre.
  • Do not strike in one position for more than 15 seconds. After 15 seconds reposition the breaker to another location.
  • Do not blank fire the rock breaker.
  • Do not use the pick to move large loose rocks or debries. These should be moved with a ripper or bucket.
  • Manually grease the rock breaker every hour of operating.
  • Do not operate the breaker underwater.
  • Operate the breaker infornt of tracks and not side on to the tracks.