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How to change a breaker attachment on an excavator?

Read decal printed on window inside the cab with specific instructions for the particular machine

- Depressurise the auxiliary lines before removing buckets or attachments connected to the hydraulic system. Once depressurised uncouple the quick couplers for the attachment or bucket

- Function quick hitch switch to the unlock position

Alarm should sound to let the operator know that the hitch is in the unlock position

The switch could be a physical switch inside the cab or it could be a button on the display unit

- Once switch is in unlock position the excavator will require a second movement to release the hitch. This may be crowding the bucket right in and holding or functioning the dipper arm attachment or bucket can now be removed and the rock breaker can be picked up. Crowd breaker up and function the quick hitch switch back to the lock position. The hitch should lock and the alarm sound will seize

-Turn the PTO valve to the one way position. This valve can be found with the help of the decal inside the cab but wil either be found under the bonnet where the hydraulic tank is or at the front of the machine under the windscreen (note- most 14T and up do the PTO automatically as well as some smaller machines).

-Depressurise the auxiliary lines again and connect the breaker hydraulic lines to the auxiliary circuit

-Change the setting to rock breaker mode on the display and use the auxiliary function to operate breaker. This may be the switches on the joysticks or it may be a foot pedal

- Test breaker only with load as dry firing will cause damage

COMING SOON - For machine specific please see the specifications on the website: CLICK HERE