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Why is my electric scissor lift platform raising slowly?/ Wont reach full extension height?

A run-through of the most common fix for these issues.

All our scissor lifts feature an emergency lowering system for emergency events or electrical failures. On our electric scissor lift range, this system has two valves to allow the slow release of hydraulic pressure holding up the scissor stack. See Diagram below:

Often the case where the scissor stack is raising very slowly or not reaching full mast, the culprit is the Holding Valve as pictured above.

This Holding valve is located on the scissor stack cross member as pictured below:

The Holding Valve needs be turned fully clockwise to return the machine to normal operation. Please ensure the scissor stack is lowered before carrying out this fix. If you have any concerns about carrying out this fix please give our Operations team a call on 0800 467 009.