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What does the Damage Waiver cover?

Damage Waiver is compulsory on all rentals and limits your liability to a maximum of $5000 in the event of the equipment you are renting being damaged or stolen.

Fee: 10% of total rental rate

What Damage Waiver?

Damage Waiver is not insurance but is an agreement by EquipmentShare that the customer’s liability for damage to the equipment can be limited in some circumstances.

What does this provide?

* Damage Waiver limits your liability for theft & damage of equipment in most circumstances to a maximum ‘Excess’ of $5000.

Is the Damage Waiver Compulsory?

Yes – Unless a rental insurance certificate is provided to and approved by EquipmentShare before you rent.


We won’t trip you up with confusing terms & conditions that leave you at risk. Instead we try to keep it as simple as possible with reasonable terms and what’s best for you in mind. However, this Waiver MAY NOT cover the customer liability for damage or theft in the following instances:

* Where the operator is affected by alcohol and/or drugs

* Where the operator is not suitably licensed

* Where the Equipment has been willfully damaged by the Customer or its employees or agents

* Where the Customer has failed to take reasonable care of the Equipment

* Where the damage is caused in any way by overloading

* In the event of theft where the Customer has failed to keep the equipment locked or secured in a suitable location

* Where the customer fails to notify EquipmentShare within 12 hours of the Customer first becoming aware of the event of damage or theft The latest full T&C’s can always be found within your Rental Agreement Contract or in Section 11 of the EquipmentShare T&C’s document on our website.