Z-45 DC

16m Genie Z45DC Articulating Electric Boomlift Hire

These electric boom lifts are designed to be used indoors or outdoor where diesel fumes are a problems. Used commonly during industrial and commercial building refit outs, upgrades and maintenance by a variety of tradesmen. They should be used on relatively flat ground. If you look at the tyres, they have slightly less tread than the all-terrain 4WD booms and so should be operated accordingly. Always use a harness when operating a boom lift and an EWP licence is mandatory also.

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To download Z45 DC full specs and lift height charts click here

Working height maximum: 15.92 m

Platform height maximum: 13.92 m

Horizontal reach maximum: 7.65 m

Up and over clearance maximum: 7.04 m

Weight: 7394 kg

Platform length: 0.76 m

Platform width: 1.83 m

Height - stowed: 2.00 m

Length - stowed: 6.83 m

Width: 1.79 m

Wheelbase: 2.03 m

Ground clearance - centre: 0.24 m

Lift capacity: 227 kg

Platform rotation: 160°

Vertical jib rotation: 135°

Turntable rotation: 355° non-continuous

Turntable tailswing: zero

Drive speed - stowed: 4.8 km/h

Drive speed - raised**: 1.1 km/h

Gradeability - stowed***: 30%

Tyres - foam-filled: 9 x 14.5 in

Power source: DC 48 V DC (eight 6 V batteries, 350 Ah capacity)

Auxiliary power unit: 24 V DC 24 V DC

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Safety & instructions for use

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Z-45 DC safety and instructions for use

Safety and instructions for Electric Boom Lift Hire

General safety and instructions

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