Tracking Down Assets with GPS Telematics

May 28, 2018

Tracking Down Assets with GPS Telematics

Always know where your equipment is.

If you’ve ever misplaced your keys, you know the frustration that can cause. Irritation that you can’t find what you’re looking for. Frustration caused by the time spent looking, often when something else important is on. A nagging fear that they might be gone for good and worries about the hassles that will cause. Now multiply that times 1000 and you’re approaching what it feels like to have a missing piece of heavy equipment.

But with the help of onboard, real-time GPS tracking, you don’t have to worry about lost assets any more. With the help of a telematics platform like ES Track, you’ll always know exactly where every machine is.

How do you lose your 23 tonne excavators?

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? How do huge pieces of machinery go missing? But it’s not a question for anyone who’s worked in the industry — you know. Job sites are chaotic.

Even the smaller ones have dozens, even hundreds of contractors, inspectors and drivers running around, performing all sorts of tasks. Trucks are constantly on the move — flatbeds picking up equipment, trailers dropping off materials, dump trucks hauling away debris and rubble. And that’s just the small sites. 

So yeah, it’s easy for an asset to go missing. Maybe one of your guys parked it out of the way behind a trailer, but it’s not where it’s supposed to be. Possibly another contractor used it, with or without authorization, and took it the other side of the site and forgot to bring it back. Thieves armed with a universal key could’ve rolled up in the middle of the night and run off with it.

The first two situations are troubling — the last one a nightmare. Especially considering that an estimated 93% of stolen property is never recovered. And theses scenarios are just the beginning. There are hundreds of other things that could have happened to cause your equipment to be somewhere other than you left it.  And most of them have probably happened at one site or another.

So now what?

You can’t find your digger or scissor lift, which is a problem. Not only is it an expensive asset that you can’t afford to replace, but you need it for this job. In the old days, you really only had one option. Call a halt and send all your employees to scour the jobsite, looking over hill and under dale until you (hopefully) found it.

Luckily this isn’t the old days. Now tracking down a lost, misplaced or stolen asset is as simple as firing up your laptop or tablet. From any device with internet access, you can open up your telematics tool (ES Track, for example), and with a few clicks get GPS location on every asset in your fleet — including the one that’s missing.

From there, retrieval is as easy as going to get it, in the case of a misplaced asset, or contacting local law enforcement to retrieve it in the case of a theft. It’s simple, easy and effective. And it works in real-time.

So the only question remaining is: why aren’t you using this now? You know your equipment is going to get misplaced at some point. Why not spare yourself the stress and worry by implementing a GPS telematics solution today?