Health and Safety

Seven Safety Secrets

March 10, 2017
Health and Safety

Seven Safety Secrets

 Good business and effective health and safety management go hand in hand. It's not surprising that there are common themes to being successful in both. Here are seven we’ve noticed that can make all the difference in our industry.



Creating the right culture in your team and on your worksite is perhaps the single most important step towards good health and safety management. Each staff member contributes to culture and so for workplace health and safety to be part of this, workers need to take ownership. Everyone should ‘walk the walk’, but it is vital that managers lead by example and demonstrate good practice. They must respond to any concerns, deal with risk or incident in a timely and full way and ensure their own actions set a standard for all.



Good communication can help many issues be minimised or avoided. A morning briefing that requires people to explain any particular risks they may face that day is a good way to keep everyone focused. Maintain transparency around near misses or incidents and what to look out for. Even basic things like making sure everyone has one another’s cell phone number could make a critical difference.



Including health and safety considerations as a fundamental aspect of your job can make things a whole lot easier. For instance, setting up the site so that there are separate vehicle and pedestrian routes at the start can save plenty of time and risk once the job is in full swing.



Make the most of the resources available to you. Government and other bodies aren’t there just to monitor compliance, they are able to provide practical advice and support to you, so make the most of it.



It’s often said there are four areas of awareness – things you know; things you don’t know; things you know you don’t know and things you don’t know you don’t know! You can plan around the things you know about. To be prepared for the rest, first be aware that unforeseen things may arise. Good planning means there will be as few as possible and that you have processes in place that you can successfully adapt. Stay vigilant.



Keeping your equipment well serviced and maintained is vital and can make a life-saving difference in construction. Tools like ES Track monitor your machines so you never overlook a service and have access to a range of data such as usage and performance.



The benefit that technology and BIM can offer you in health and safety control is growing every day. From simple phone apps to more exotic technology, new tools can make a vast difference to your health and safety at work. Drones can help properly scope unknown areas before sending in people or their machines and VR means trainees can learn without being exposed to dangers of an active worksite.

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